This episode of the edSocialMedia Podcast features a sit down with the hosts of EdTechTalk‘s 21st Century Learning webcast — Alex Ragone (Collegiate School & edSocialMedia contributor), Arvind Grover (The Hewitt School) and Vinnie Vrotny (North Shore Country Day School).


We covered a lot of ground over our 30 minutes — from their early days at Webcast Academy to graduating to EdTeckTalk.


Some three years and 95 episodes later, Alex, Arvind & Vinny have built a premiere weekly webcast- broadcast every Thursday at 1 pm EST- that “explores the intersection of education and technology.”


Many thanks to the three for providing an inside look into the program.


Listen to: An Inside Look at EdTechTalk’s 21st Century Learning Series (opens a new window)

Peter Baron

Peter Baron

Peter Baron is the Chief Evangelist at WhippleHill Communications, the founder of AdmissionsQuest, and a partner at edSocialMedia. Peter regularly blogs about school communication for WhippleHill and edSocialMedia. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.