I wondered who would be the first to jump on the outrageous, awesome and just plain hilarious Old Spice commercials and YouTube phenom.  If  you have no idea what I’m talking about go here,  enjoy and thank me later.


I figured that some enterprising college would hop right on this just like Yale did with Glee, and BYU looks like it’s the first out of the gate. This little clip is pretty funny (notice the dude on the ground at :18) and it’s received over 130,000 hits in under two days. Not bad.


The lesson here of course is that it pays to be quick and nimble and able to hop on trends like this one. I know a lot of college admission offices that would love to get their brand in front of 130,000 in a year, let alone two days.


Update: You can check out the video response below.

Drew Millikin

Drew Millikin

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Vermont Academy

Drew Millikin is a social media hang-a-rounder. After a brief stint in banking, Drew decided that education was a much better place to hide. That brought him to his alma matter, Saint Michael's College. While there he worked in the Office of Admission helping to create and develop Saint Michael's social media marketing strategy. After five years of rabble-rousing in higher education Drew decided to move into the boarding school glam life.