A buddy of mine and I came across a local business in Cambridge that just moved into the area and is trying to make a name for itself. As we got to talking, the store said they were using a rather expensive website and were not on any social media platforms. My friend @seanblanchet and I decided to spend an afternoon putting together the social media presence for Pesco’s Clothing Boutique in Cambridge, MA.


You can see the five brief webisodes on my Youtube channel- Flash Social Media Project or on my blog www.jessebardo.com (more explanation there).


This case study taught me a great deal and showed me just how easy it is to put together a social media campaign when you have the drive and expertise.

Flash Social Media Project

In an hour Sean and I set up a Tumblr account- www.pescoclothingboutique.tumblr.com, a facebook account, twitter account, flickr account, Yelp account, and put Pesco on google maps. You can see all the work at the tumblr account.


Setting up the different platforms was the easy part for Sean and I, the hard part is the effort and time that Pesco’s Clothing Boutique wants to put into adding flickr photos and promoting the pages. All of the sites that we put Pesco’s on integrate very easily so once one thing is uploaded, the rest are updated which is the way of the web now.


Any school can do this too, it is a matter of the strategy that they want to adopt and the commitment to social media that they are willing to make. I can tell you that Pesco’s has already seen an increase in foot traffic and any hits they are getting online are because of the hour Sean and I spent. Pesco’s is now a hundred times more visible to the savvy Harvard shopper or MIT grad student than they were before. Your school too can gain exposure to the millions of social media “shoppers” that are already using these platforms, looking for what your school has to show them.

Jesse Bardo

Jesse Bardo

VP of Alumni Engagement, Founding Team Member at Evertrue

Jesse Bardo is the Director of Sales & Marketing at EverTrue, a leading provider of mobile apps designed to support Independent School Alumni Relations. Jesse previously served as Director at edSocialMedia and Admission Counselor & Communications Coordinator at Northfield Mount Hermon School. As a leading practitioner of social media in the independent school world, Jesse worked with his communication team to weave facebook, blogging, twitter, Youtube & flickr into NMHBook- a cutting edge social media & communications aggregator site that greatly enhanced the school's admission outreach and contributed to record admission yields. Jesse is a graduate of Phillips Andover Academy and Wesleyan University.