Straight forward and to the point, this article by @mindsprout aka Sarah Hartshorn comes from @socialmedia2day‘s blog which is something I read every day. It is a great source for finding out about social media all over the web and getting connected with those who are already in the know.


Sarah’s article does a great job of stating the facts. You need to be using social media for your product to be successful these days. The same is true for independent schools an their ability to draw in prospective families.


More and more schools that I talk with are getting onto social media platforms and think that is all they need to do. The strategy and marketing that your school employs to harness its social media presence is vital to how effective the tools are. Sarah’s article does a great job of telling why it is effective, now it is up to you (and ESM if you want our help!) to come up with the how for your institution.


Sarah’s four reasons?

1. Meets human needs.

2. Cost-effective marketing.

3. Builds brand loyalty.

4. It’s live.


I personally do not see what of those four things a school would not want as part of its marketing strategy, do you?


Enjoy the article and let me know what you think!

Jesse Bardo

Jesse Bardo

VP of Alumni Engagement, Founding Team Member at Evertrue

Jesse Bardo is the Director of Sales & Marketing at EverTrue, a leading provider of mobile apps designed to support Independent School Alumni Relations. Jesse previously served as Director at edSocialMedia and Admission Counselor & Communications Coordinator at Northfield Mount Hermon School. As a leading practitioner of social media in the independent school world, Jesse worked with his communication team to weave facebook, blogging, twitter, Youtube & flickr into NMHBook- a cutting edge social media & communications aggregator site that greatly enhanced the school's admission outreach and contributed to record admission yields. Jesse is a graduate of Phillips Andover Academy and Wesleyan University.