I’m on the hook now. Pressure’s on. I have to keep you engaged. Keep you coming back to read my stuff. I have to be memorable.


This is my first post as an EdSocialMedia contributor. So, I thought I’d start by sharing a little bit about myself, or more specifically, about the kid with the mustache. He’s my son, Harrison, and he’s a riot. So are most five year olds I know.


He was a good boy during a recent shopping trip and deserved a prize. Super balls, candy, mini Rubik’s Cubes and other trinkets were among the choices that come with good behavior and a quarter. Others may have picked the super ball or the candy, but true to his character, he picked the machine with the mustaches – an exhausting decision. He looks like a little Ron Burgundy. It makes me smile. Perhaps it has made you smile too.


We all have these photos, these great little moments – these stories.


So does your school.


You now know a bit more about me than what is in my bio. I let you behind the curtain a little, took a risk and played the kid card in hopes that I might connect with you in real way — a human way.


It is important to take these risks when telling your school’s stories. The real character of your school is behind that curtain. If you don’t show that character, your school is not unlike any other campus with faculty, students, athletic teams and academic buildings. There are a lot of those out there just like there are a lot of funny five year olds.


And it is equally important to reveal a little bit about yourself. Social media relies on a human voice and building relationships— two characteristics of people, not institutions.


So, don’t shy away, and don’t forget to tell the one about the mustache.

Tucker Kimball

Tucker Kimball

Director of Communications at Gould Academy

Tucker is the Director of Communications at Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine. He's a husband, father, fly-fisherman, movie and music lover.