A few moments after my wife read my last Blog “What I learned on my summer vacation” she turned to me and said “I’m glad you can finally admit you’re addicted to Twitter.” I became and remained defensive for a long time until I finally had a rebuttal. A few weeks later it occurred to me…I’m not addicted to Twitter, I’m addicted to ideas. It was my own personal “Jerk-store” moment. Seinfeld Jerk-store (Video)


Yes, my name is Tim McDonough and I’m an idea addict, and Twitter is my drug of choice. I’ve been told admitting I have a problem is the first step, except I don’t want help.


Jay Baer recently wrote a great post “11 reasons I’m a social media addict” – I agree on all eleven but I think he may have left out the most important – sharing ideas.


Twitter gives me access to some of the best minds in my line of work (or any line of work) and they want to share their knowledge with me. They want to engage me in a conversation. We have these conversations from our homes, on our own time, and they want nothing in return. Sharing is one of the first lessons you learned as a child.


I have a lot to learn from some of the people I follow on Twitter, and perhaps I can educate some people who follow me. If you are reading this you are most likely in the same general line of work as me; private school education. But in the grand scheme of things think of how specialized Admissions Director at an all boys, catholic high school is. Social media has the ability to shrink the world, and on Twitter I follow people with the exact same title and we have real conversations. I read blogs on the benefits of single sex education, admissions trends, admissions marketing, building community through new media, the role of social media and technology in the classroom, and really anything I want to read about. Ideas, ideas, ideas! Ideas are exciting. Twitter connects me to these ideas. I’d rather read blogs by Seth Godin, Cameron Herold, Seth O’Dell, or anything here on edsocialmedia, than watch the latest reality TV show. Why? Because they have great ideas, Ideas that could make me better at my job, better educated, more interesting, and more well-rounded.


Thanks to Twitter I was turned on to big think, thanks to big think I’ve watched dozens of great video’s with lots of great ideas, such as this video with Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder of Wikipedia, on how the web is changing education.


I typed “education” into the big think search option and got almost 1,200 hits. That is a lot of ideas to consider so thanks for reading, but time for me to detox for the night, I’m going on a bender tomorrow.

Tim McDonough

Tim McDonough

Senior Customer Success Manager at finalsite