Sarah Kessler’s (@sarahfkessler) article for Mashable on social media in schools is a must read.


Kessler presents six arguments that are worthy of any school’s consideration-


1. Social Media is not going away

2. When kids are engaged, they learn better

3. Safe social media tools are available and they’re free

4. (my favorite) Replace online procrastination with social education

5. Social media encourages collaboration not cliques

6.Cell phones aren’t the enemy


Kessler’s core message revolves around educating with these tools that students are already using, promoting better learning and a fostering of relationships. The days of ignoring or blocking social media in the classroom are gone. Embrace sites like facebook and twitter through educating your students. Students understanding how to harness social media and using it to construct a productive online presence in today’s world will have positive ramifications across the board.


Not sure how to get started? Read Sarah Kessler’s article and check out the great case studies of my fellow ESM bloggers. I would be happy to help anyway that I can as well, just let me know-

Jesse Bardo

Jesse Bardo

VP of Alumni Engagement, Founding Team Member at Evertrue

Jesse Bardo is the Director of Sales & Marketing at EverTrue, a leading provider of mobile apps designed to support Independent School Alumni Relations. Jesse previously served as Director at edSocialMedia and Admission Counselor & Communications Coordinator at Northfield Mount Hermon School. As a leading practitioner of social media in the independent school world, Jesse worked with his communication team to weave facebook, blogging, twitter, Youtube & flickr into NMHBook- a cutting edge social media & communications aggregator site that greatly enhanced the school's admission outreach and contributed to record admission yields. Jesse is a graduate of Phillips Andover Academy and Wesleyan University.