This QR Code from BBC takes you to their Web site’s programming section.

I’ve made recommendations to a lot of clients lately to give QR codes a test run. They’re fast becoming a great way to turn your traditional advertising and marketing tools into more interactive, social pieces.


For those of you who don’t know, a QR Code is a simple, computer generated graphic that works with a downloadable smartphone app. It looks a bit like a barcode and is easily created on sites like Kaywa (and it’s FREE). Microsoft also has its own version, where you can create full-color tags and even insert your logo into the graphic, although this does require some Photoshop manipulation.


A person with the app on his/her phone (and they’re free and easily downloadable from iTunes and Android Market – and even online like this reader from Kaywa) can scan the code and be taken to the URL of your choice. The code can direct to a YouTube video, your school’s Web site or any number of locations where you want people to visit. You can even change the URL later without having to create a new QR Code.


Think of the possibilities with this cool new tool!

  • Put a QR code on your business card that takes people to your school’s Flavors page instead of having to list each one of your social media sites separately in a small space
  • Put a QR code in your view book and automatically turn a traditional printed piece into an interactive video
  • Put a QR code in your print advertising to direct people to scholarship and financial aid applications
  • Put a QR code on the tickets for the school play to direct people to donate to your arts program

Each and every day I’m amazed at the fun, new opportunities made available to businesses through social media. I hope you give QR codes a try. They’re fun, free and a great way to showcase to your alumni, parents and students that you’re keeping in touch with the direction technology is headed!

Jennifer Milikien

Jennifer Milikien

Principal/Owner at Local Color Communications

Jennifer is a graduate of Texas A&M University and has an MBA from The University of Texas at San Antonio. She has worked in the marketing and public relations field for more than 12 years and has extensive experience in non-profit, financial services, education, healthcare and newspapers. She has won awards from the Texas Public Relations Association for public relations tactics and planning and for magazine writing and editing. She serves on the board of the Public Relations Society of America's San Antonio Chapter.