After reading Patrick Powers’ (@patrickjpowers on twitter) great blog post on best university Facebook Pages, I thought I would do something similar with regards to the independent schools I am familiar with. Patrick points out different things about each page that he likes and sees as useful for a variety of reasons. I attempt to do a bit of the same here.

As an independent school, I think you can learn a great deal from what these colleges and universities are doing. Many of the tools and strategies that we incorporated in the Fan Page at Northfield Mount Hermon came directly from what I saw at schools like these.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a few schools that I think are going great things with their Facebook fan pages:

Northfield Mount Hermon: Alright so I am partial here because the NMH page was where social media all started for me, but I think we did and they continue to do really good stuff here. The NMH School application, which acts as a home page for people who are not fans of the school yet, needs to be updated to the new Facebook but you get the idea. It gives a glimpse at the school’s branding and sends those people to all the relevant places. NMH also does a great job of updating the fan page and keeping content new and fresh, not just bringing the fan to the website.

Proctor Academy Alumni: I understand why many schools choose to segment their Facebook pages for different audiences. While it is not the approach I would take, they are doing some very neat things on this page to get their alumni involved. One such recurring piece of their Facebook page is the posting of archived photos so that alumni see them and can comment. Nothing brings nostalgia back like seeing you and your friends back in your glory days. Facebook is a great place to post pictures like this.

Eaglebrook School: This is a great fan page because it is clean and simple. Eaglebrook is utilizing all their tools and aggregating them together on their Facebook page. They have videos, photos, and events. Fans can post on the wall and interact with the school. They have created a presence in the space and command it. This is one of the most important things about a school having a fan page, so that you are the authority. Eaglebrook does a nice job here.

Phillips Academy Andover: Andover has done good things with their page. As an alum, I am connected to the PA page and have seen it really grow in good ways recently. The school has decided to let fans write on the page and has brought in a lot of new content. They have added a tab for more connection and information for visitors, have their twitter feed coming in, photos, and do not constantly link back to their website. There are blogs and videos up on the wall. I also like the terms of use tab that they have here.

Worcester Academy: When it comes to social media, these guys just do it right. This is a great facebook presence. The landing page for non fans is a well designed look at all the school’s outlets complete with branding and even a badge you can download to your own page that shows your child goes to Worcester. Take a look at this page it is definitely one of my favorites.

These are just five schools that I have seen use this space well for different reasons. I want to see more and plan on expanding this list over the next few months. What independent schools have great Facebook pages that you have seen? Leave a comment here or reply to me on Twitter @jessebardo, I will check them all out and add them to my next post on this subject. Happy Halloween everyone!

Jesse Bardo

Jesse Bardo

VP of Alumni Engagement, Founding Team Member at Evertrue

Jesse Bardo is the Director of Sales & Marketing at EverTrue, a leading provider of mobile apps designed to support Independent School Alumni Relations. Jesse previously served as Director at edSocialMedia and Admission Counselor & Communications Coordinator at Northfield Mount Hermon School. As a leading practitioner of social media in the independent school world, Jesse worked with his communication team to weave facebook, blogging, twitter, Youtube & flickr into NMHBook- a cutting edge social media & communications aggregator site that greatly enhanced the school's admission outreach and contributed to record admission yields. Jesse is a graduate of Phillips Andover Academy and Wesleyan University.