Have you ever said yes to something without really knowing what you were getting into?  That recently happened to me when our organist and director of choral music approached me about live streaming Groton School’s 82nd Annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.


I said, “Sure.”  I then spent the next three weeks trying to figure out how to make it happen.


I picked up a few tips along the way which you can read about at http://drewmillikin.wordpress.com Once I figured out what I needed for equipment, and my IT office hooked me up, it was a relatively easy process. This simple event has created a whole bunch of those warm fuzzy feelings you want your parents and alumni to feel.


I owe a ton of thanks to fellow ESM contributor Hans Mundhal and to Peter Baron for putting me in touch with him.


You can watch a recording of the 82nd Annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols athttp://www.ustream.tv/channel/grotonschool

Drew Millikin

Drew Millikin

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Vermont Academy

Drew Millikin is a social media hang-a-rounder. After a brief stint in banking, Drew decided that education was a much better place to hide. That brought him to his alma matter, Saint Michael's College. While there he worked in the Office of Admission helping to create and develop Saint Michael's social media marketing strategy. After five years of rabble-rousing in higher education Drew decided to move into the boarding school glam life.