There are a couple of the things I do as “blogger-in-chief” for edSocialMedia.

One is that I send each contributor an update on their post after about two weeks from its publish date.


Another is to send a monthly update to all of the contributors regardless of whether they posted that month or not. These updates update all of the contributors on what is going on with edSocialMedia, and also provides them with an analytical overview of the site’s performance that month.


When I sent this months update I didn’t expect it to “[disrupt] about a decade of my thinking about how to teach young people to write” as it did for Steve Valentine (@sjvalentine).


In Steve’s post “Bill’s Model and the “Long Class” of Writers” he looks at how sharing the “backend numbers with the class” can improve student writing and help make it a more authetic effort.

William Stites

William Stites

Director of Technology at Montclair Kimberley Academy

Director of Technology for Montclair Kimberley Academy (, "Blogger in Chief" for, consultant for Educational Collaborators, husband and father of two crazy boys. All that and still trying to find time to write and share as much as I can with you here and at