A lot of what I have been hearing about Google+ has been in comparison to what is does better or worse than Facebook. In a recent article from Mike Elgan from ComputerWorld, “Why Twitter is obsolete” he points out the ways in Twitter is more vulnerable to Google+.


Of interest is how he describes the Twitter like following structure that there is to the site which allows people to follow you without friending and blend the Twitter and Facebook structures very well. Also, it’s the convergence of the longer messages, conversations and media minus all of the hashtags and short code needed in Twitter that may sway some users.


While I don’t agree with all of his points he does have some good ones. However, as Brendan Schneider points out in “Why I hate Google Plus” I remember things like Google Wave and Google Buzz and am a little gun-shy.


So… while I am in the game with Google+ and have my cards on the table I am not going all-in yet. Not to mention, do I really need another social network to monitor? Time will tell.


UPDATE: For another view check out what @drewmillikin has to say about Google+ in “More Google+ Love

William Stites

William Stites

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