Five Ways to Use Foursquare in Educational Marketing, Part Two

Last week I opened up the idea of using Foursquare, one of the leading location-based services, for educational marketing purposes. I presented five ways that this could potentially be done and promised five more ways this week.


The Washington Post just featured a story yesterday highlighting the most recent research from Pew’s Internet and American Life Survey that discussed usage of mobile and social location-based services. It found that 28% of American adults have used a location-based service like Foursquare to get recommendations and directions. It is always important to watch data trends when it comes to usage of these tools to see if they might be worth your district’s time and efforts in investing in a strategy to make use out of them.


Here are five more ideas about how to use Foursquare in educational marketing:


#6- Foursquare Visitation Days. Create a special Foursquare scavenger hunt for the students and their parents to accomplish visiting certain sites and locations on campus and checking in.  If they accomplish the task, they receive a special prize/gift.  It’s a fun way to engage them in your campus experience without boring them on a traditional tour.


#7- Community Check-Ins. School buildings are significant parts of every community. Most are open to the community to use for meetings, gatherings, special events or for use of their recreational facilities. Why not encourage the community to check-in on Foursquare and tell what they are there for to create a network of community communicators broadcasting and advertising for you.  Reward their check-ins from time-to-time by allowing the “mayor” to have special parking privileges during after school hours or by giving them free tickets to a sporting event or giving them a school t-shirt.


#8- Create an Election Day Foursquare Event! Have it broadcast all over social media channels as people check-in at various precincts to vote YES for your levy.  This will serve as a reminder, provide a map service to various precinct sites and also create a positive buzz around voting yes for your levy!


#9- Foursquare Preferred Businesses. Work with local businesses to encourage your parents and students to check-in at “Foursquare Preferred Businesses,” where they will receive specials, discounts, coupons and prizes. It is important to support local businesses so that when you need them they will support you.


#10- Event Promotion. Probably one of the most obvious is to use Foursquare for your special events and large gatherings.  Having a big open house? Why not reward those who check-in or enter them into a drawing?  Their check-ins help promote your event and also entice people to attend in the first place. Experiential marketing opportunities are important for constituents to interact with the brand that is your school district or college. Foursquare can only enhance that experience for many in your community.


What do you think of these ideas? Realistic? Not so much? Do you have ideas for using location-based services for your college or school district? I would love to hear about them!

Shane Haggerty

Education Marketing and Communications Consultant at Great Heights Integrated Marketing Communications

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