edSocialMedia kicked off a free webinar series on Sept. 27 with our first presenter Georgy Cohen, the manager of web content and strategy at Tufts University.


Georgy—also a co-founder of MeetContent.com—worked with a team to re-strategized Tufts Now in 2010, causing her to examine the way we consume news content on our school website. In her presentation, she shared insights and tactics that will make your school’s news section more engaging.


Watch the recorded webinar here:

Follow the Storify to breeze through some of the most memorable tweets, or click through her presentationat your own speed.


Madeline Riley

Madeline Riley was the Director of Publications at Stratton Mountain School, a ski and snowboard academy in southern Vermont. When she's not using social media, she's often doing something active, whether it be yoga, biking, and/or running.