Google Plus Pages are Here!

Yesterday my Twitter stream was full of tweets that Google Plus Page were now available to the public. The long-awaited feature of Google’s latest service was here and schools, organizations and brands would finally be able to create a presence on this growing social network.


I jumped on the chance to great a page for my school.  I wanted to make sure we had at least a placeholder for the school and at minimum grabbed the name… if possible.


Things didn’t go as I had thought they might and I learned a handful of quick things that will be important for anyone setting up and account.

  1. You need a Google Plus account first… this seemed obvious.
  2. The Google Plus account you use to create the page owns the page.
  3. There is currently no way to add another “admin” to the page.
  4. You can’t create a vanity URL. Your page is merely a number
  5. As I discovered you can create an identical Page for you school or organization

[NOTE: Please check the Google Plus forums for updates.]

I posted a question regarding the vanity URL to the support forum and received the following response:

“I can not speak to long-term plans for vanity URLs, but it is currently not a priority for our team and I would proceed under the assumption that they will not become available. I certainly understand that that might create some frustration, but let me know what you’re hoping to do and we can try to come up with some solutions!”

My excitement for the new options had dropped somewhat.


With these thing in mind I would suggest these two things:


1. Create a Google Plus account for you organization and create the Page with that account.

I generally thinks it’s bad practice to have any one person control for school’s/organization’s social page(s)

2. Create the Page and play with it. You can set it up so that you can start building it our, but keep things somewhat private to start.


I just started playing with Pages yesterday and I by no means have seen it all or have all the answers. I suggest you start to play around with this new feature of Google Plus and when you find something you like or something that frustrates you please share them with everyone here so we can all learn together.

William Stites

William Stites

Director of Technology at Montclair Kimberley Academy

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