Is Social Media Worth the Effort?

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What is the ROI on using Social Media for your school?


While this is a tough question to answer, without metrics in the form of page views, an increase in your application pool, increased enrollment, or an increase in giving by the alumni, sometimes the effort pays off in ways one could never imagine.  At St. Christopher’s School, we have multiple twitter accounts(@stcva@stcvafootball@stcvatrack), a facebook fan page, a youtube channel, and now a Google+ page. Yes all of these avenues require TLC, time, and a dedicated team that ensures that the content is current, because our constituents expect it.


So has the effort paid off?


It’s not easy maintaining multiple social media outlets but the payoff in this particular instance was incredible.

Check this video out and see for yourself.  ESPNHS Video picked up our playoff game which is on our YouTube Channel.

Special Thanks to Stephen Lewis, Asst. Director of Electronic Communications & Sports Information  for taking our social media footprint to a whole new level and Cappy Gilchrist, Director of Electronic Communications, and Susan Mistr, Director of Marketing and Communications  for investing the time to promote our school using Social Media.

Hiram Cuevas

Hiram Cuevas

Director of Academic Technology at St. Christopher's School