5 Reasons You Must Have An Interactive Campus Map

Tomorrow I’ll be running a free webinar on the Interactive Campus Map: An Essential Recruitment Tool. To give you a taste of the presentation here are five reasons that you must have an interactive campus map.  We will be diving much deeper into these reasons and much more during the webinar. I hope to you can attend.


Here are the top five reasons why having an interactive campus map is beneficial in marketing your school and staying relevant in a competitive market.

1. Vital to the Recruitment Process

Recent research shows that prospective students are relying increasingly more on interactive maps to choose a college. They show that, while in the past campus tours were effective (with 85% of seniors listing the campus tour as a reason for choosing their college), nowadays with each incoming class, a higher percentage of students admit to relying on a virtual tour rather than a physical campus tour to select their college/university of choice.

2. It is a Stunning and Vital Web Feature

Schools lacking impressive web features are far more likely to be cast aside in favor of colleges that exert the effort to develop websites that are not only accessible but informative. Some of the most important web features include:

  • Interactive Campus Tours
  • Course catalogs
  • Online Application
  • Event calendars
  • Online videos
  • Blogs

3. Interactive Campus Maps Provide Tangible Return on Investment (ROI)

The Value of An Interactive Campus MapYour interactive campus map can bring in an impressive ROI. For example:

  • If 20% of students (worth $30,000 each) choose your school, then an applicant is worth $6,000.
  • If 20% of applicants (each application worth $6,000) take a tour, each student visit is worth $1,200.
  • If a visit is worth $1,200 and 5% of those visitors are swayed by first viewing an interactive campus map, then each time the map is viewed, the visit is worth $60.
  • If just 1,000 people view your map in one month, the map is essentially worth $60,000 per month.

Check out this Interactive Campus Map ROI calculator to do the numbers for your school.

4. Boosts Your Image by Attracting External Audiences

By having an interactive campus map, those in charge of deciding event locales for national sporting events or conferences can virtually visit your campus. This can give you a definite advantage over your competition, because most event coordinators simple don’t time or money to physically visit every potential campus locale they might want to use.


Consider how much of a boost hosting college bowls, famous speakers, conferences and camps can have for your campus’ image and monetary condition!

5. Most of the Competition is Already Doing It

Without a map, your school takes the risk of not even making it to the visit stage for your prospect. Money and time are of the essence for prospective students, and many simply don’t have enough of either to visit multiple campuses they may want to attend. Many students are first viewing interactive campus maps before deciding where to visit, and by being one of the first schools to implement a fully-functioning interactive campus map, you can place your school as a frontrunner during recruitment days.

Webinar: The Interactive Campus Map: An Essential Recruitment Tool

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Do you feel like you are getting the most out of your website for recruitment purposes? There are a handful of must-have features that you should have on your website, and, arguably, not one is more important than an interactive campus map. Join Kyle James, CEO and Co-Founder of nuCloud, to get the most of your school’s map.
Kyle James

Kyle James

CEO & Co-Founder at nuCloud

Kyle James is an expert digital marketer with a wealth of experience at his fingertips. He spent six years working as the webmaster for a small liberal arts college, prior to working for four years in various roles at HubSpot, a leading inbound marketing company. Additionally, Kyle has been on the cutting edge of digital marketing through his contributions at eduGuru, a higher education web development and marketing blog that he founded in 2008. He has also presented at numerous conferences, including topics such as email marketing, web analytics, SEO, lead generation and more. He currently is the CEO and Co-Founder of nuCloud, an interactive campus map platform.