Why A .pdf Map Of Your Campus Doesn’t Cut It In 2012

In order to stay on the competitive edge of college recruitment, you also have to stay on the cutting-edge of the ever-changing developments in technology and social media.


That means moving on from the old, like .pdf versions of your campus map. Prospective students are going to be looking for and demanding more from your online features in 2012.  A .pdf is great for print purposes but how does it help you bring website visitors into a deeper engagement with your campus?

Make Your .pdf Map Interactive

Screenshot from Flagler College's Interactive Campus MapThink of the great touch-screen technology out now. People expect to be able to simply touch or click and see movement and dynamic things going on on their screens. Because of this, your campus map needs to be able to really go beyond what an old, flat map on paper used to do. Utilize your campus map to tell stories that a regular map could never tell. To do all this requires turning that flat campus map into an engaging interactive part of a website.  You can draw the prospective student into your world by using features in your interactive campus map like:

  • Turn your buildings and interesting locations into stops that visitors can dive deeper into
  • Photos of the inside of classrooms, the library, and recreational areas
  • Allow for “exploring” your campus by zooming in and out of certain areas like dorms, lecture halls etc.
  • Embedding links to take you to other pages with more information about a location
  • Putting in videos of current students and their activities, even peer-to-peer guided tours
  • Live-stream, so they can have a look at real classes and student life happening in the moment
  • Add interesting stories, facts or even teacher biographies
  • A live chat box where visitors can ask questions as they “tour” your campus
  • And much more

The idea is to really leverage the content and media that you have or are creating, and use them to make your campus map design vibrant and real. The word ‘map’ is taking on a whole new meaning, and you will want to be a part of creating that new meaning! So upgrade that old .pdf, and don’t be afraid to put your school out there by using new marketing strategies. It will pay off.

Webinar: The Interactive Campus Map: An Essential Recruitment Tool

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Do you feel like you are getting the most out of your website for recruitment purposes? There are a handful of must-have features that you should have on your website, and, arguably, not one is more important than an interactive campus map. Join Kyle James, CEO and Co-Founder of nuCloud, to get the most of your school’s map.
Kyle James

Kyle James

CEO & Co-Founder at nuCloud

Kyle James is an expert digital marketer with a wealth of experience at his fingertips. He spent six years working as the webmaster for a small liberal arts college, prior to working for four years in various roles at HubSpot, a leading inbound marketing company. Additionally, Kyle has been on the cutting edge of digital marketing through his contributions at eduGuru, a higher education web development and marketing blog that he founded in 2008. He has also presented at numerous conferences, including topics such as email marketing, web analytics, SEO, lead generation and more. He currently is the CEO and Co-Founder of nuCloud, an interactive campus map platform.