Save Time on Social Media with ifttt

Do you feel like you spend too much time on social media? With blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and every other social network that pops up each week, you can get lost in the social media maze.


Luckily, there are some great tools out there that can help save you some time on social media. One automation tool that I love to use is ifttt (If This Then That). Ifttt lets you connect to a wide range of social networks, which they call channels, and then hook them together to create tasks.

ifttt Channels

ifttt Channels

When you have a new blog post, you need to share it on Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks you use. You can spend time crafting separate posts for each network, or you can just hook up your blog’s RSS feed to ifttt and have it automatically send tweets, Facebook posts and more.


It’s not just for blogs, Facebook and Twitter. With 41 channels ranging from social networks to SMS, phone calls, email messages, Evernote, Google Calendar, Google Reader and more, ifttt can also help with your personal productivity. For example, I have tasks set up to send me SMS text messages when one of our school’s bloggers writes a new post, so that I can go check it. You can set up email reminders for Google Calendar events, add items to your Dropbox or Evernote, and much more.


Some ideas for automated tasks in ifttt:

  • Share new YouTube videos on Twitter & Facebook
  • Send Instagram photos to Flickr (or vice versa)
  • Archive tweets or blogs to Evernote
  • Use Buffer to send tweets about new blog posts or videos at a more “shareable” time rather than instantly
  • Save links that you tweet to your Delicious bookmarks
  • Save photos uploaded to your Facebook page to Dropbox
  • Text notes to Evernote
  • Get text or email notifications for new RSS items
  • Text a new appointment to your Google Calendar

There are thousands of possibilities for automated tasks with ifttt. Check it out and let me know what tasks you create!

Cassie Dull

Assistant Director of Communications, Online at Park Tudor School

Cassie is the Assistant Director of Communications, Online at Park Tudor School in Indianapolis. She focuses on social media strategy, online marketing for advancement and admissions, website content, and parent communication.