Why Blog and Other Blogging Tips

The title of this post is meant to do two things.

  1. It’s meant to draw you in because you’re interested to know why your school ought to be blogging, or because you’re curious to know what helpful blogging tips might be shared.
  2. After some very quick keyword research, it’s meant to help this post rank a little higher in a Google search for these terms.

But, I have a third and more nefarious reason…. Now that you are here, I mean to ask you for your help.CASE-NAIS

On January 12 & 13 in Washington, D.C., edSocialMedia will host a CASE-NAIS Pre-Conference Forum to discuss the Social Media Playbook.


Contributors and edSocialmedia-ites Scott Nichols of The Webb School, Megan Brady of Ridley College, Madeline Riley of edSocialMedia, and I will present at Part 1 on Saturday, January 12. We’ll talk Facebook, YouTube and blogging.


(Part II on the 13th will focus on Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest)


So, the help.


I need your help to make my portion of the presentation on blogging the most effective it can be for the audience.


If you plan to attend the forum, what blogging tips and topics would you like covered? Why blog? Blog content? Who should blog? Search? How do I convince the powers that be that blogging is good? Let me know.


If you can’t make the conference, what info would you like to see in a shared post-forum slide deck?

And finally, if you’re a grizzled blogging veteran, what tips do you think are absolutely vital to share with someone starting out or trying to grow their blog?


Please add your thoughts in the comments below, and if you are attending the Forum let me know that too.

(Oh, and I don’t think Scott, Megan or Madeline would mind if you shared your thoughts on Facebook and YouTube also!)


Hope to see many of you in D.C.



Tucker Kimball

Tucker Kimball

Director of Communications at Gould Academy

Tucker is the Director of Communications at Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine. He's a husband, father, fly-fisherman, movie and music lover.