Top 10 edSocialMedia Posts of 2012

As with all things New Years, it’s always good to look back at the previous year and celebrate the things that made it special.


Although all of our contributors share meaningful and enlightening stories on their successes, failures and questions, we’ve collected the most popular posts of the past 12 months.

Here are the Top 10 edSocialMedia Posts of 2012:

1. 7 Tips for Citing an App in MLA Format – Hans Mundahl

Need help figuring out how to cite app-based resources in student research papers? Hans offers some great tips and tools to help.


2. The Advantage of Google Docs in Education – Nate Green

See how Google Docs transformed Nate’s history class.


3. The Advantage of Facebook Groups in Education – Nate Green

Concerned about friending students? Afraid of using Facebook in school? Learn from Nate how you can leverage Facebook Groups in the classroom.


4. 5 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Innovate in Your School – Scott Rocco

Learn from Scott what the five questions every teacher and school administrator should ask about innovation.  These questions will help you determine if you are making the right choice for your institution.


5. Social Media is the New Normal for Educators – Scott Rocco

What is the new normal for educators?  Scott takes time to answer some important questions about how educators can make social media part of their “new normal”.


6. 6 Tips for a Better Flipped Classroom – Hans Mundahl

Hans’ six tips are SIMPLE: Short, Interesting, Meaningful, Planned, Learning and Exciting. Find out how he is applying these tips to make better use of the flipped classroom.


7. Pinterest: What’s in it for you? – Ali Yares

Ali spells out all you need to know about Pinterest with a description of all of the key parts.  If you’ve got questions, this post has answers!


8. To Tweet or Not to Tweet  – Nikki Morrell

Learn how Shakespeare inspired Nikki Morrell to use Twitter to take her teaching to the next level and answer the burning question… to Tweet or not to Tweet.


9. Content Curation for Teachers – Nate Green

See how Nate is using Pearltrees, Diigo and Evernote to manage content on the web and make teaching his history classes easier.


10. Twitter Hashtags For Independent Schools – Brendan Schneider

Trying to figure out how to make Twitter work for you and your institution.  Brendan provides an explanation of how to use those pesky #hashtags and eight tags to get started with.
I hope that you enjoy these posts and dig a little deeper to find what you need to make using social media more often part of your New Year’s resolution.

William Stites

William Stites

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