What Should Educators Read That’s Not About Education?

I’ve recently become hooked on the Harvard Business Review Twitter feed, @HarvardBiz. There’s a lot of stuff about management, a lot of stuff about innovation, lots on various management issues, with the occasional weird factoid thrown in (did you know, for example, that politically conservative shoppers are less likely to buy generics?).


It’s not strictly speaking an education feed, but I find it thought-provoking nonetheless, and have retweeted a number of links, from an article about what makes a great leader to an article about gamification at work.


It occurred to me that it might be interesting precisely because it isn’t, strictly speaking, an education-related feed.  As my colleague Steve Valentine has written, it’s important to read articles and sources from outside our field.  And that got me wondering: what other great Twitter feeds are out there that I as a teacher might be interested in?


So I’m going to pose this question to the readers of edSocialMedia: what’s the best non-education Twitter feed you currently follow? What do you read that’s not about education, but that makes you a better teacher? The crazier, the more out-there, the better. Post your answer in the comments, and ask your colleagues in education to post as well. I’m hoping we’ll learn a lot.


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David Korfhage

David Korfhage

History Teacher at Montclair Kimberley Academy

I am an upper school history teacher at the Montclair Kimberley Academy, in Montclair, New Jersey, where I also teach comparative religion. I am particularly interested in the application of technology to education, in using effective assessment and feedback to improve student learning, and in promoting thoughtful wisdom, insight, and reflection in my students.


  • hmundahl

    I read Mashable, Smithsonian, and Wired as often as I can. For longer reading I like Shirky, Friedman, and Diamond.

  • Jason Ramsden

    I use the Pulse app on my phone and tablet to digest HBR, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Forbes: Entrepreneurs, Seth Godin, TIME Magazine, Digital Trends, Engadget, Gizmodo, Wonder How To, Lifehacker, and more. Being well read both inside and out of your field is critical as it often leads to a convergence of ideas and promotes a growth mindset.

    Jason Ramsden
    CTO @ Ravenscroft