How Often Should You Post During the Summer?

School’s out, families are off to the beaches, kids are busy with camps, sports, sleepovers and s’mores by the campfire. Summer is in full swing. What happens to your social media strategy during the summer months?

Undoubtedly, your social media posts slow down over the summer as there is less action on campus. And that’s completely acceptable. How often should you post on social media during the summer?

Post when you have good content to share.

Your fans and followers understand that it’s quieter at school during the summer, and they don’t expect to hear from you every day. In fact, they might enjoy a little quiet time before the hubbub of back-to-school starts again.


Does that mean you can go all summer without uttering a single tweet, Facebook post, Instagram picture, pin, etc.? Absolutely not. You still need to maintain fresh content on any online channel. Top priorities should be your website and Facebook pages because search engines and Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm place high priority on fresh content. If you leave your Facebook page dormant all summer, you’ll find that your posts at the start of the school year are hardly seen in anyone’s news feed.


Here are some ideas for social content for the summer months:

  • Summer school activities
  • Job openings – Ask fans to share with friends
  • Important dates and forms for back-to-school
  • Behind-the-scenes at school offices during the summer
  • Weekly archive photos to engage alumni
  • Honor retired faculty
  • Share volunteer opportunities in your community
  • Highlight student achievements in summer camps and activities

Summer is also a great time to strategize for the year ahead. Since you’re not posting as often, you can work on ideas to incorporate social media into special events throughout the year. For example, Halloween is a big deal in our Lower School, so I might think of doing an Instagram photo contest that day. Get out a calendar and make notes for important events, then brainstorm ideas and write them all down. Get creative and in an hour or two you can have an entire year’s worth of ideas ready to go!


Do you have a social media strategy for summer? How often do you post and what do you share? What challenges do you face in the summer?

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Cassie Dull

Assistant Director of Communications, Online at Park Tudor School

Cassie is the Assistant Director of Communications, Online at Park Tudor School in Indianapolis. She focuses on social media strategy, online marketing for advancement and admissions, website content, and parent communication.