Social Media for Teachers (According to Mashable)

Mashable‘s latest “Teacher’s Guide to Social Media” doesn’t break new grounds, but it does have a couple of points that I think are worth repeating: “communicate to students on their level” — use tools that meet students where they are (they give Edmodo as an example); and, “Find and Flip” encouraging flipping the classroom (thanks for the excellent flipping tips there, Hans) using Ted-Ed.


The rest boils down to: be smart, be professional, be responsible, and don’t be stupid.


What would you add to their list? What other tools do you recommend for communicating to students on their level?


Photo by: mortsan/CC BY 2.0

Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie

Co-founder at edSocialMedia | The Proof Group

Steve is a co-founder of edSocialMedia and of The Proof Group. He is a former independent school teacher, coach and dorm parent who loves that his jobs keep him in the middle of the school world.