Using YouTube to reach schools across the globe

If you want to send a callout to schools across the globe, YouTube is a great publishing tool to send your message worldwide. Recently, a Park Tudor Upper School English teacher approached me about publicizing a video that she and her students had made, inviting schools from around the world to collaborate on our art and literary magazine, The Artisan.


The idea is that The Artisan staff would work together online with student artists and writers from a school (or several schools) in another country. But the first challenge of this project is “How do we find a school who would be interested in doing this project with us?”


The students decided that a YouTube video introducing themselves, their roles with The Artisan, and the concept of the global project would be an effective way to reach out to other schools.



We also created a “teaser” video that is only 1:20 and briefly introduces the students.



Next, we needed to use social media to promote the videos and share them with the global independent school community. We’re tweeting, posting on Facebook, emailing it to friends at fellow independent schools, putting it on the homepage of our website, and even blogging it here on edSocialMedia. Our hope is that our message will be heard around the globe and reach viewers who will ultimately reach out to us and say “Yes, we want to participate!”

Cassie Dull

Assistant Director of Communications, Online at Park Tudor School

Cassie is the Assistant Director of Communications, Online at Park Tudor School in Indianapolis. She focuses on social media strategy, online marketing for advancement and admissions, website content, and parent communication.