At our edSocialMedia Bootcamp this past February, the first thing we had participants do was to create a Twitter account and asked them to use the image #edSocialMedia hashtag anytime they twittered that day.


Hashtags are a great way to follow events without following people.


By using or anyone could quickly follow what people were saying by searching for the hashtag.  We uStreamed  edSocialMedia and hashtags allowed us to follow what folks were saying about the conference inside the room and out.


A non-conference example of using hashtags is the #gr8t twitter meme.  This is a way for twitterers to identify great tweets by re-tweeting (RT) them with the #gr8t has tag. Then anyone who searches Twitter for that tag can see great tweets that have been identified by people.  Here’s a link to the most recent #gr8t tweets.


Here are some of the tweets from the edSocialMedia conference:




Check out this link for all of the tweets that are using the #edSocialMedia hashtag.


How have you used hashtags? Any good stories?

Alex Ragone

Director of Middle and Upper School at City and Country School