Sharing Social Media Thoughts, Early Experiences & AdviceLorrie Jackson, Director of Communications and Marketing of Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, TN & edSocialMedia contributor, sat down with me to discuss how she introduced social media into the school’s outreach plan, how it has been received by Lausanne’s constituents and advice for schools on how to get started with social media.

Additional highlights from our conversation:

  • A breakdown of the current social media projects underway at Lausanne Collegiate School.
  • What drew her (and Lausanne) to social media from a marketing perspective.
  • How researching an NAIS article helped her establish social media best practices for the school.
  • How Lausanne’s social media plan dovetails with the school’s web site.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lorrie’s perspectives on social media, checkout her blog, Message Matters, and her posts on edSocialMedia.


Many thanks to Lorrie for taking the time to come on the show.

Peter Baron

Peter Baron

Peter Baron is the Chief Evangelist at WhippleHill Communications, the founder of AdmissionsQuest, and a partner at edSocialMedia. Peter regularly blogs about school communication for WhippleHill and edSocialMedia. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.