As part of my regular professional development, I have a group of education technology professionals I follow on Twitter.  Through following this group of people, I learn about what they are reading and viewing and how they are applying this to their schools.


facebook-good-badOne site that came up recently is Facebook for parents by BJ Fogg, Professor at Stanford University.  I thought that this site was informative and has a realistic view of social networking for parents.


Social networks are here to stay.  Our job is to help our children make good decisions about how the use them.  I encourage you to discuss social networking use with them.


Here are a few videos of Professor Fogg from the Stanford Facebook Fan Page that you might find interesting:

BJ Fogg to the very first Stanford Open Office Hours. The conversation starts here (part 1), continues here (part 2), and finishes here (part 3).

For more resources, you can follow my Internet Safety links on Delicious.

Alex Ragone

Director of Middle and Upper School at City and Country School