untitled11Recently my office had all of the emails we have on record matched with a social media database to find our where our folks are hanging out online. Our thinking was that if we were going to start wading into the social media space to at the least know the key networks. No surprise that the top social network place was Facebook. The surprise came when seeing that the place that matched the most emails was Amazon. Our first thought. What was Amazon doing in a social network screening? After pondering this for a moment or two some other ideas began to emerge. These folks were willing to complete financial transactions online. Knowing this information has informed the decisions we’ve made in building a development web infrastructure. We are investing in the ability for our constituents to learn or support multiple areas of the school through the use of content management systems pushed out with microsites. The details of this will be in a later post.


Now that we clearly see the networks our folks are in we can assign people to work those social networks and target the people there. One of the interesting details of the screening was being able to see who the real connecters were. This helps in spreading the word by targeting both the network and the individuals who are the most connected. Just like in fundraising where 90% of the money comes from 10% of the people so too with connectors. We screened 5600 emails; the top 2% were connected to just over 100,000 people. If you use the LinkedIn mathematical formula the 2nd degree of connections would be over 11 million. The numbers are really staggering.


Our ability to connect with the connectors will really go a long way towards jump-starting our social media initiative. If you would like information on social media screening drop me at note at www.jaygoulart.com

Jay Goulart

Co-Founder/Chief Data Artist at The New Science Of Philanthropy