Have you caught Hans Mundahl’s latest edSocialMedia video (Social Media and the Carpentry Puzzle)? If not, take 5 minutes, it’s worth every second.


His post provides an ideal segue into edSocialMedia’s latest podcast. I had an opportunity to talk with Hans about his experiences with introducing social media into a school environment.


We began with a conversation about the tensions that pop up as schools begin to participate in social media, and from there turned to the student produced livecast New Hampton TV. Hans spoke about the program’s growth, the technological & communication lessons learned by the students, and some of the surprises they’ve faced along the way.


Must See ‘New Hampton’ TV! from edSocialMedia on Vimeo.

Peter Baron

Peter Baron

Peter Baron is the Chief Evangelist at WhippleHill Communications, the founder of AdmissionsQuest, and a partner at edSocialMedia. Peter regularly blogs about school communication for WhippleHill and edSocialMedia. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.