How about good ideas for teachers?


One of the attributes of social media is the speed with which news travels, whether it be across the country or around the world. News, politics, natural disasters and weather are all communicated electronically now. The two leading candidates engaged in an online debate just this week that was streamed live on Facebook. I’ve never liked the expression bad news travels fast. Personally, I think the truth is just that bad news travels faster than we’d like.


What about good news and good ideas? How fast can they travel? One might think that classroom teachers have way too much to do at this time of year to engage in extended intellectual discourse and idea sharing. One would be wrong. On the NCAIS Innovate blog of the NC Association of Independent School, I described the speedy travel of a shared idea; from the original tweet by Meredith Stewart at Cary Academy to a forum for teachers to multiple classrooms in just a matter of days.


Does this mean the days of traditional, slower idea development are over? Far from it. Just as the slow food movement has reminded us, there is a place for carefully crafted, long-simmered lessons and ideas that develop during a teacher’s career. In addition, we must remember that all the teachers involved in this experience had spent many hours cultivating their participatory learning networks. Social media has emerged as a powerful complement to traditional methods of professional growth for teachers.


Read all the details and see student responses on the NCAIS Innovate blog.

Sarah Hanawald

Sarah Hanawald

Director of Technology at Saint Mary's School