Looking for motivation? Inspiration? I recently clicked through a lot of private school Facebook pages for a presentation I was working on. I noticed some interesting things, and thought I’d share some of what I found. At a minimum, schools that embrace social media are showing variety, activity and impressive fan totals. The best are finding creative ways to engage their audience and leverage existing content. Do your alum write their fair share of comments? Have you played with the use of video, photos or tried starting your own meme? If you’re not answering “yes” to these questions, you should be re-thinking your Facebook presence. Need help? Consider these examples when thinking about starting your conversation.


The McCallie School, Chattanooga, TN — uses imagery in a thematic way to incite curiosity, comments, and number of Likes. Of late, their students are offered the chance to make their own signs with what McCallie means to them, making the Wall instantly personal and doubling its overall appeal. Once a student is pictured with their sign, the activity on the Wall begins. The Internet loves a good meme – ideas that self-replicate — and are perfect for Facebook pages. (2,315 Likes)


Berkeley Preparatory School, Tampa, FL — Uses video heavily on their Facebook page. Their Wall has video posted in a third of their most recent posts, which automatically increases interest, and participation. It’s been reported before that video is the most viral of all content. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just relevant. (1,119 Likes)


Sewickley School, Sewickley, PA — Sewickley’s approach is unique. They have really pushed hard to use Facebook for the hub of all their social media efforts.  By customizing the landing page they blur the line between the web and Facebook. Their Wall is active, they have a Twitter account that rocks, pages for more distinct Likes, and use a whole lot of video.  Additionally they have embraced plug-in’s like “Showcase” to further differentiate themselves. (621 Likes)


I’m sure there are lots of other good ones out there.
Feel free to add your favorites (and why) below.


Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/afagen/5133070639/

Travis Warren

Founder and President at Whipplehill