Prior to Jeff Tweedy acoustic shows (I’m a big Wilco fan), fans have the opportunity to request songs via the Wilco website. I have a great bootleg where Tweedy calls out the names of those in the crowd who have entered their favorite tunes and starts talking with them about their picks.

“Is Jenny here? I’ve got bad news for you, Jenny, I’m not going to play that one, but I will play another,” he says.


Photo courtesy of Dena Flows:

Not such great news for Jenny at first, but eventually she gets to hear something that she wants.


So, what does Jeff Tweedy have to do with edSocialMedia?

On May 24 friends of mine and I are going to present an edSocialWedia webinar – How To Successfully Manage a Student & Faculty Blog.


To make this thing as effective and value added for you as possible, I’m asking for your help, nay, your pre-webinar participation!

If you plan to join us on May 24 at 1pm EST, (and you should) tell me – what are you most interested in learning about when it comes to student and faculty blogging at your school? What are your questions? What would you like to hear from my colleagues, the intrepid Gould Academy Gloggers?

Help us help you.


Why should I wait until the end of the presentation to ask for questions, right? Let’s front load this baby.


That said, I’ll have a few things that I’ll want to touch on, but I have to believe my slide deck can only be better if I am talking about what it is that you want to learn about.

So tell me your thoughts in the comments below.


I’m no Jeff Tweedy, but I might even give you a shout out.

Tucker Kimball

Director of Communications at Gould Academy

Tucker is the Director of Communications at Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine. He's a husband, father, fly-fisherman, movie and music lover.