Google recently launched  a new service called “What Do You Love?”  At first glance, this appears to be a simple search box.  As an experiment, I searched “independent school.”




















The screenshots above represent a sampling of what google provided me with after conducting my search.  You may be thinking “Wow, so much information it is a bit overwhelming,” or “what happened to just googling something?”  I think “What do you love?” just might run a typical google search right out of town.

Once you get past the general feeling of being overwhelmed, it is quite clever how google integrated over 20 different services (all google of course) to conduct the search.  “What do you love” is a one-stop shopping search where you can get results from YouTube, Image Search, Google Translate, Google Maps, Blog Search, and more!  Think of the possibilities you could come across with this unique search, and the time it could potentially save.  In the classroom, it could also be a great way to demonstrate the power of technology and the vast amount of information available on the internet.

Check it out by visiting or

So get searching!  What do you love?

Rebekka Goldberg

Rebekka Goldberg

Assistant Director of College Counseling at Walnut Hill School of the Arts

Rebekka is currently the Assistant Director of College Counseling at Walnut Hill School for the Arts. At Walnut Hill she also held the role of Assistant Dean for Admission, coordinating the recruitment efforts for the ballet and visual art departments. While working in the Admission Office, Rebekka created, built, and managed the social media presence for the school including the highly successful ballet youtube channel. Prior to her work at Walnut Hill, Rebekka was the Student Activities and Residence Life Coordinator at The School of American Ballet. Outside of technology and education, Rebekka is an avid baker and owner of Carson's Cakes.