Something Notable (Wikipedia part 2)

Last month I wrote about the importance of getting your school’s Wikipedia page right. Wikipedia is a heavily trafficked site and making an investment into your page can pay big dividends, but let’s not stop there.

Consider finding ways to write your school into other Wikipedia pages as well. Take for example something trivial that relates to your school. Some obscure piece of history, like inventing a game.  It might not be worthy of mention on your Wikipedia page, but working the story from the other angle, putting your school into the game’s Wikipedia page, can be advantageous. Here’s an example:

For anyone researching the origin of Ultimate, the Wikipedia page for the game lists a student from Columbia High School in New Jersey, as responsible for its creation.  Information like this has the potential to add lots of inbound links to your school and the concept of weaving your school’s story into Wikipedia’s depths is an easy way to increase awareness.


In the same vein, remember not to simply stop by adding Notable Alumni to your page, but also take the extra step of linking to their page and making sure they are properly connected back to your school. Here’s an example:


Go to the St. George’s School, Wikipedia page.  Scroll down to the Notable Alumni section – or in this school’s case, they name it their “Notable St. Georgians” or “Old Boys” section. At first glance, it’s size alone is impressive giving the reader an immediate feeling of, “Hey this school must be good.  A lot of ‘notable’ people went here.”  Now click on one of the first listings – Livingston L. Biddle Jr.  You will be brought to his personal Wikipedia page, and it is no coincidence that the first paragraph of his “Life” section mentions and links back to the St. George’s Wiki page.  This is an easy in-bound link, you just have to take the initiative and use every inch of it to your benefit.


I don’t think most schools think of Wikipedia in this way. It doesn’t look or smell like social media, but it most certainly is. Most likely, no one is going to make these notable connections for you.  Your school is the only authority on who wandered your hallways or knows if Ultimate Frisbee was invented on your playing fields.  Take the time to write your school’s history into as many other Wiki pages as possible.


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Travis Warren

Travis Warren

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