John Hill, the Higher Education Evangelist for LinkedIn, presented at the 2012 edSocialMedia Summit in San Francisco, CA, at the Fort Mason Center Cowell Theater. In this video, “Inversity, A Higher Education View of LinkedIn,” John focuses his presentation on four key aspects of LinkedIn: people, jobs, companies & groups, and provides insight into how we can leverage these core components for better individual and institutional advancement.


As he describes the four basic tenets “listening, researching, engaging and enabling ambassadors” that have emerged in social media, he provides valuable insight into the hidden powers of electronic rolodex of LinkedIn.


This presentation helps inform education and non-profit professionals how to utilize LinkedIn to aggregate audience, target market, communicate, qualify development leads, engage alumni and develop robust networks.

Madeline Riley

Madeline Riley was the Director of Publications at Stratton Mountain School, a ski and snowboard academy in southern Vermont. When she's not using social media, she's often doing something active, whether it be yoga, biking, and/or running.