Summertime, and the Tweetin’s Easy…

It’s about that time of year when school schedules are wrapping up, and teachers, coaches, and administrators are pondering the best ways to keep in touch with their students over the summer.


Email? Not likely that they will check it until late August…if then.


Texts? Perhaps, but it’s likely a one-way street regarding communication.


What about Tweeting? Would kids benefit from receiving school-related info via Twitter? Would they ever re-Tweet an answer to your question? Start a dialogue about an interesting subject?


I think there might be a chance. (Plus, you can add interesting hashtags to pique their curiosity!)


The reason I say this is because Twitter combines the informational/brevity benefits of a text, with the conversational/relationship nature of Facebook, without being cluttered with the SPAM that fills most inboxes and therefore clouds an adolescent’s filter of what’s important.


In other words, perhaps Twitter could work as a channel for disseminating information to kids over the summer.


What kind of information, you ask? Depends on who you are. Here’s what I’m thinking…

  • If you’re the English teacher: “How’s the summer reading going? Favorite character so far?#doitatthebeach
  • If you’re the Registrar: “Don’t forget to submit your course requests. You don’t want us picking them for you. #thatwouldstink
  • If you’re the coach: “You think those Olympians and NFL guys played video games all summer?#thereisnorestartbuttoninsports
  • If you’re the nurse: “Please turn in your health form by August 15th. Otherwise you get only veggies for lunch. We’re not kidding. #cafeteriablues

Tell your kids to start following you now, and try using Twitter this summer. Let us know what you think!

Mark Schindler

Mark Schindler

Assistant Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Mercersburg Academy

Mark is an assistant director of admission and financial aid at Mercersburg Academy, as well as the head coach of the boys’ varsity lacrosse team. He is also the founder of Nexus Lacrosse ( / @NexusLacrosse /, a series of summer programs and consulting designed to help youth lacrosse players prepare for varsity-level competition. He graduated from St. Paul’s (MD) in 2000 and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and three varsity letters in lacrosse from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Before starting his teaching career, Mark worked for a small educational marketing and publications firm in Baltimore before moving to Newport News, Virginia, in 2006 to teach and coach at Hampton Roads Academy. There he taught AP psychology, forensic science, and biology, and coached varsity lacrosse and JV soccer and basketball. While living in VA, Mark earned an M.Ed. in educational leadership from William & Mary. He currently lives on campus at Mercersburg with his wife Abby and daughter Liddy.