8+ (Borrowed) Tips for Using Facebook Scheduled Posts

An article that appeared on Social Media Examiner outlines the ins and outs of using scheduled posts for Facebook. No, we’re not talking about using Hootsuite or Timely here; we’re talking about scheduling the posts through Facebook.com.


As you’ve heard us preach before, there have been studies that show using third-party applications to schedule your posts can be hazardous to your affinity, Edgerank and overall interaction. By using Facebook’s latest tool, you can increase your Likes and Comments by strategically scheduling key status updates to supplement your whimsical slices of life shots from around campus.

+The Bonus Tip

Scheduled Facebook Posts

In addition to a wonderful sampling of how to put this new tool to good use, you should also be sure that you need to add the date your school or organization began before you can post in the past (or future).


Once you add the year, you can schedule freely to make the your posts appear periodically throughout the day, posting every three hours or so to keep your fans engaged.


Take a look at The Social Media Examiner’s full article for more “how-to” information on these 8 concepts:

  1. How to schedule your posts
  2. How to find and edit your scheduled posts
  3. You can’t schedule everything
  4. You can backdate your posts
  5. Scheduled posts won’t be automatically tweeted
  6. Scheduling posts can bring about more engagement
  7. Scheduled posts are not identified or punished in Facebook
  8. Scheduled posts may be coming to personal profiles

Thanks, Social Media Examiner, for highlighting this new feature.

Madeline Riley

Madeline Riley was the Director of Publications at Stratton Mountain School, a ski and snowboard academy in southern Vermont. When she's not using social media, she's often doing something active, whether it be yoga, biking, and/or running.