222 People to Circle on Google Plus

Google-Plus-LogoI’ve been pretty hard on Google Plus on my own blog: 10 Reasons Why I Hate Google Plus and Google Plus is Dead. Most of my initial dislike of Google’s latest social network came from, in my opinion, other people’s over-reaction to the launch of Google Plus.


In the past year however, I’ve been using Google Plus and my opinion of this social media channel is changing – I think I’m actually becoming a Google Plus Evangelist.


There are a number of reasons why I think you should give Google Plus a try including an improved user experience, greater engagement potential, and finally, incredibly search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.


One of last year’s keynote speakers at the edSocialMedia Summit, Rand Fishkin, does a masterful job explaining the SEO benefits of Google Plus in this video from SEOmoz: Why Every Markter Now Needs A Google+ Strategy.


In order to make your jump into Google Plus a little easier I’ve compiled a list of 222 people you should circle on Google Plus and loosely grouped them into 5 different Circles: Educators, Social Media, Schools, SEO, and Brands.


In order to add these Circles please click on the Circle name below and you will be directed to your Google Plus account were the Circle will appear with the words “Add Circle” in the middle. Click on “Add Circle” and Google Plus will allow you to add the Circle.

Please note – these Circles are in no way complete. As a result, please add additional people to Circle in the comments below.


Good luck with Google Plus and maybe we can all Hangout soon!

Brendan Schneider

Director of Advancement at Sewickley Academy

Brendan Schneider is the CEO and Founder of SchneiderB Media, a blog dedicated to helping schools use the power of the interest to achieve their enrollment and communication goals. He is also the founder of The MarCom Society, and SEO Coach, his DIY SEO software for schools. He is also the Director of Advancement at Sewickley Academy.