Social Media is the New Normal for Educators

The term “new normal” is the lingo used to describe drastic change in doing something or life after a major event. The change is usually quick and immediate. It alters one’s approach to something or way of life. In the educational world a slower transition is happening that will create a new normal.  That change agent is social media. Social media has been around for some time but its practical use is relatively new to educators. As I engage more and more educators in the use of social media for educational purposes I hear a lot of the same questions. Here are some of the most common questions with my responses.


Why has it taken so long for educators to find value in social media? Well, we are practitioners who have used chalk and slate for over one hundred years! The reality is that change comes slowly in the world of education and cost is always a major factor. A positive for social media is it is relatively low or no cost. The other issue is that finding value for educators is on a case by case basis. Every educator needs to find his/her own value in using social media. For some this happens quickly. For others it will take some time. But no matter what the pace is in finding value I believe it is the responsibility of those of us engaging in it to help those who are not to find that value.


Isn’t this a flash in the pan? NO, No, no! This is not a dot com industry issue. Using social media in the educational world is not a fad. It is still evolving and growing. How can something be a fad when it connects so many people, provides so many resources, and its use continues to expand? Educators have clamored for years about the need to expand their abilities to reach other professionals, their students, parents and the community. They have also asked for choice in their own professional development. Social media is providing these opportunities and the ability to do these things and others are ever expanding.


How do you have the time for all of this? I don’t see using social media as a burden or waste of time. I believe it has added to my knowledge base and ability as an educator. It has opened opportunities to learn from and help other educators. Yes, I probably am on more than is necessary, but the reality is you can engage as much or as little as you wish. It is a personal choice how much time you dedicate to using social media in your educational life.


Isn’t social media personal and not professional? It depends on the application you are using and the purpose you have for it. I use Facebook for friends and family, Twitter, Tout, Google+, Edmodo, etc for professional activities. You need to find a balance and draw the line between personal and professional uses of social media. I’m not tweeting pictures of my family on Twitter and I’m not posting this blog on Facebook. I have drawn a clear line between personal and professional use.



Do you really learn anything using social media? Absolutely! I have engaged in more professional collaboration, read more educational articles, asked for assistance from other educators and provided information and support when requested. The social media environment is filled with valuable knowledge and people. Yes, it is true you need to figure out who to follow, what to read and who to engage but the time it takes to do this is minimal. Once you get the basics your eyes will open to this fantastic world. The new normal in education is using social media to learn, collaborate and connect. Our ranks are growing but misconceptions still exist. For those engaging help those still trying to figure it out. For those still trying to figure it out, I hope the answers to these questions help in the process.

Scott Rocco

Superintendent of Schools at Spotswood Public Schools

Scott Rocco is a Superintendent in New Jersey, adjunct professor at The College of New Jersey, instructor in the NJEXCEL program, Keynote speaker, presenter, EdCampNJ organizer, co-founder/co-moderator of #Satchat on Twitter, and founding partner of Evolving Educators. Scott has given Keynote, conference and group presentations on the use of social media for educators, school safety, marketing yourself, and various leadership topics. He also blogs for and Scott is dedicated to positively and productively engaging educators in a dialogue that improves student learning, enhances instruction, and creates effective learning environments for all who attend and work in schools. Follow Scott on Twitter @ScottRRocco. If you are interested in having Scott present, contact him at