ESMsummit 2013: Antonio Viva

Boston edSocialMedia Summit at Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Five years ago, when the idea driving EdSocialMediawas hatched in a hotel room in Baltimore, social media as it is known today was still uncharted terrain for many schools.


It has grown, and EdSocialMedia’s blog now has 6,500 visitors a month. But many schools still need to devote more resources to it, which is the reason for the one-day conference on the Walnut Hill School of the Arts Tuesday.


Opening the conference was Walnut Hill Head of School Antonio Viva, who was also part of the group that initially launched EdSocialMedia more than five years ago. He spoke about those early days and how much has changed in that short time, and then left the audience with one important nugget:

“If you try to relegate your social media strategy to one person at your school, it would be very much like asking the facilities manager to take care of the entire campus by themselves.”

Josh Loftin

Senior Partner at Route 89 Communications

Josh Loftin oversees the marketing and communications for Wasatch Academy, a private college preparatory boarding school in central Utah. He also owns Route 89 Consulting, which assists small businesses, nonprofits and schools with long-range planning, marketing strategy and program development. Josh previously spent nearly 15 years as a political reporter in Utah.