Making Video Work: Tips from Wistia’s Chris Savage @ ESM Summit

Everybody loves video, so now everybody does video. But actually building relationships with video — that’s a whole different challenge, and one addressed by Chris Savage during his talk at the EdSocialMedia Summit.


Throughout his talk, Chris underscored a few tenets of a successful video. (Hint: Quality is seldom a defining factor.) To underscore these elements, he showed a number of videos (successful and unsuccessful) that his company, Wistia, has produced.


1. Have fun.



2. Keep it simple. This  video used two cameras and took 30 minutes to edit:



3. Show what you care about and why it matters.



4. Take chances (but only with research).

Josh Loftin

Senior Partner at Route 89 Communications

Josh Loftin oversees the marketing and communications for Wasatch Academy, a private college preparatory boarding school in central Utah. He also owns Route 89 Consulting, which assists small businesses, nonprofits and schools with long-range planning, marketing strategy and program development. Josh previously spent nearly 15 years as a political reporter in Utah.