How to Make a Viral Video in-House

One of the great things about working with schools for their social media audits is the ability to find hidden gems in the social media landscape. Although this “gem” is less hidden in the most recent months — as some of you have started to see this video pop up on social media sites — we wanted to give the video a special highlight to showcase a quality production that generated ample amount of buzz for The Derryfield School.



This past spring, we worked with The Derryfield School to analyze their current social media efforts. While we were there, Annie Branch, the Director of Communications, told us about a project she was working on, and we are thrilled to be able to showcase it here. We were able to catch up with Annie to ask her a few more questions:


How long did it take you to make?
We started planning this winter, but the majority of filming took place in the last three weeks of school.


Did you write the lyrics for it?
Michelle Coombes, our math teacher who performs in the video, wrote the lyrics. She had sung it for the students a few years ago, but it wasn’t until a student in our social media ambassadors club (SMAC) saw it that we decided to film it.


How was this video produced?
It was done with students as a part of SMAC. They blocked it out, Michelle recorded the song, I filmed it, and our music teacher edited it.


What were the keys to success for the video?
I think the two things that helped it to be so successful were the student involvement and our faculty’s willingness to put themselves out there and act a little silly.

Madeline Riley

Madeline Riley was the Director of Publications at Stratton Mountain School, a ski and snowboard academy in southern Vermont. When she's not using social media, she's often doing something active, whether it be yoga, biking, and/or running.