It Takes a Village (to Produce a Video)

Historically, your school’s marketing department may have been the only ones responsible for generating content about your school. Generally those outbound marketing materials, such as brochures, view books and the occasional video were outsourced for production.


Today, marketing tools and ways of generating and sharing content have drastically changed. Any administrator or faculty member versed in social networking can help market your school. Just as it takes an entire community to educate its students, so can the teachers, students and administrators share with the on looking world your school’s unique and competitive programs.


With the proliferation of low cost, high quality cameras and cameras within mobile phones, the possibilities for each and every one of your school community members to record clips of events, academic, artistic and athletic highlights is almost endless. No matter what internet venue you choose for displaying videos, you can create a low cost, engaging and authentic marketing product.


But instead of using words to explain this concept, see for yourself in this video example of Proctor Academy’s annual orientation trip.


I asked five faculty, two administrators and two student leaders, as they headed out on a four day backpacking trip, to record no more than 30 seconds of footage each time they turned the camera on. I asked only that they attempt to document portions of the trip and to keep track of the Flip cameras. They could record whatever they thought interesting and they were free to but not obligated to interview students and each other.



Using video to compliment your existing marketing efforts can be easy but the videos will not create themselves. Utilize members of your school community, their perspectives and ideas. Go forth and record…and if you don’t have someone that has the time and experience to edit these videos.

Ethney McMahon

Ethney McMahon

Video & Film Production at Proctor Academy

Ethney McMahon has been working in video and film production since 1990. She has produced over 100 videos for Proctor Academy. In 2012, Ethney launched ReelSchools (, a website that offers expert, affordable video editing services to schools that record their own video content. Ethney can be reached via email at