Getting to Know You: Q & A With Rob Johnson

Liza Fischer Norman  nominated me as one of 5 bloggers in her response to the challenge put forth my Marisa Peacock’s recent blog post to learn more about the contributing bloggers at edSocialmedia. So here we go….


5 Random Facts About Me

1.   I have four year old twins – Bobby & Ella. Although they zap my energy daily, I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without them.

2.   Before getting into education at La Salle College High School, I worked at Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia as a TV Producer.  I was just recently hired back to CSN as a freelance producer to produce live post-game shows and news shows.

3.   I’m an Adobe Certified Educator and an Adobe Certified Associate in Premiere Pro CS6 and recently received a certification in Social Media Management from La Salle University and Dalton Education.

4.   I’m a graduate of La Salle University and met my wife during my time there. Graduated in 2002 – which didn’t seem that long ago until I just typed that sentence… 2002!

5.  I probably check my iPhone at least 100 times today.


5 Questions from Liza

  1. Is your school using Pinterest? If so, who follows and how’s your engagement?
    I did set up a Pinterest page for our school, but have not really had the time to spend on it.  I try to stay ahead of the curve in regards to our social media channels at La Salle, but its tough to find the time to manage all the various channels effectively.
  2. Does your head of school blog? If so, how often and on what topics? If not, why not?
    Our Principal and President do not have a “blog” but do sent our monthly updates in our newsletter. I would like to add a more daily “Headmaster” blog to our Web Site at some point in 2014.
  3. Is your social media content brand-centric? If so, please show us an example.
    I try to keep to our branding in mind whenever possible when posting on our Web Site and Social Media Channels… It’s a priority that differentiates us from competing independent schools in the area. Here’s a link to our Twitter Account:
  4. What’s your favorite mobile or desktop app?
    I cannot make it through an hour without checking Twitter via my phone or Mac.  I’m addicted to having access to that much information and breaking news throughout the day.  Still blows my mind that so many people do not use such a wonderful tool – regardless of their profession.
  5. What’s your favorite social media tip or trick?
    When taking photos or video with a cell phone, always shoot the image with your phone sideways, not up and down.  Think of how you watch TV – it would be awkward if your TV was up and down. Video and Images are the same way.

5 Bloggers I Nominate

1.   Curt Lewellyn (Because I like your Whalers Logo)

2. Stephen Johnson

3. Tim McDonough

4. Travis Warren

5.  William Stites


 5 Questions for My Nominees

1.   How is your school or business incorporating user-created video content into their marketing efforts?  Please share a sample if possible.

2.   What is your least favorite thing about social media in terms of using it in education and personal life?

3.   What was your favorite job prior to getting into education and social media?  What’s one thing you learned at this job that you apply in your career today?

4.  What’s your favorite mobile or desktop app?

5.   What’s your favorite social media tip or trick?


5 Rules for the Nominees

  1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger.
  2. Share 5 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 5 questions the nominating blogger has created for you and publish to edSocialMedia under the title Getting to Know You: Q&A with [Name]. 
  4. List 5 bloggers.
  5. Post 5 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer (you don’t have to use the 5 questions above), and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated.

Thanks for the nomination and getting me to log back into the EdSocialmedia Site. I have been meaning to post, and this will certainly get me moving again in that direction.  Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to email me or follow me on Twitter at @RjohnsonLSCHS.  Would love to connect with more of you!

Rob Johnson

Multimedia & Social Media Specialist at La Salle College High School

Rob is the Director of Multimedia Technology at La Salle College High School, an all-boys independent high school located outside of Philadelphia. Former Sports Journalism professional now specializing in educational technology, multimedia and social media communication. La Salle University alum and Philly native. Trying to stay ahead of the changing media landscape while raising three-year old twins.