Getting to Know You: Q&A with Randy Vaughn

To continue the conversation about getting to know the Ed Social Media Contributors, I accept the challenge from Brendan Schneider and present this “fascinating” presentation of:


5 Random Facts About Randy Vaughn:

  1. I spent almost 10 years as a church-planting and leadership training missionary in Benin, West Africa.  It is a French-speaking part of the continent, so “Oui, Je parle un petit peu français.”  I actually speak the local Africa dialect of Aja-gbe better.  If you have any interest, click here to hear me say John 3:16 in the Aja-gbe language (that’s what most of my Christian friends ask me to say).
  2. As you might discern from the picture in this post, my wife and I adopted our 4th child from Benin.  Her birth mother passed away after Kadi was born and her birth father, a very good friend of mine, is crippled with polio. He asked Kelly and I to raise Kadi as our own.  With all the challenges and joys of adoption, we have raised Kadi in our own home since she was 3 weeks old.  I still see my friend almost annually and share pictures of how Kadi is growing up (now that we live in Texas).  It’s an awesome friend/family global connection we will share the rest of our lives.
  3. I do not like to drink out of straws.
  4. I have completed 2 half-marathons and currently training for #3 (Cowtown in Fort Worth, TX).
  5. I am an identical twin – we work together to help schools, businesses and Christian ministries with marketing.  When we were in college, we fooled a freshman girl when she asked if we were related.  Donny told her, “we are identical cousins.”  She believed us for 3 years.

Questions Brendan Wanted Me to Answer:

  1. What’s your favorite social media channel for personal use?  I have always enjoyed Facebook because most of my friends are there.  But I love Twitter for the connections I make with people who share my same passions and values.
  2. What’s your favorite social media channel for use at your school?  Because I work full-time as a marketing partner with Christian schools, I see Facebook as still the most promising tool because that’s where their audience is right now.  I also love seeing how visual platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest, can cultivate and showcase a community.
  3. What social media channel are you not currently using that you plan on using more in 2014? Challenged by Brendan and Craig Burton, I’m forcing myself in 2014 to understand the value of Google+.  I know “it’s Google” and it’s exploding in growth, but why are my neither friends nor my clients there?  Kicking and screaming I go. Ugh.
  4. What’s your favorite mobile or desktop app? Hootsuite is my secret weapon on my iPhone and Mac for managing multiple client accounts and multiple personal accounts. I also love to do research on Twitter.  When I’m out in the morning at 5:30 walking my Yorkie, I always go to HootSuite.  I learn so much in 10 minutes!
  5. What’s your favorite social media tip or trick? Email marketing is such an underutilized tool for most schools.  If they do employ it, they mostly use it internally, but the real power is using it to communicate with prospective families weeks, months or even years before they make an enrollment decision. You have to be intentional about growing your list. I believe they are more intimately connected to you in their Inbox than on any social media channel.

5 Bloggers I Nominate:

  1. Shane Haggerty
  2. Jason Boucher
  3. Madeline Riley
  4. Peter Baron
  5. Ryan Smith

5 questions for the bloggers I nominate to answer (in addition to the 5 random facts about yourself):

  1. What previous job or project prepared you best for what you do now?
  2. If you could create the perfect smartphone/tablet app, what would it do for you?
  3. If you could spend 30 minutes with any living leader in the education space, who would it be and why?
  4. What conference is your favorite to go to that you think others should attend as well?  What conference is on your “wish list”?
  5. What is a book you have read that you think would really help admissions and enrollment professionals?  Whether it is business, academic or inspirational, how would it help them?

5 Rules to Follow:

  1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger (that’s me) with a link to this post.
  2. Share 5 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 5 questions I have given you above and publish under the title “Getting to Know You: Q&A with [Your Name].”
  4. List 5 bloggers you would like to hear from.
  5. Post 5 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer (you don’t have to use the 5 questions above), and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated.


Randy Vaughn

Christian School Marketing Consultant at Your School Marketing

WEB: - Randy Vaughn loves consulting with Christian schools on marketing strategy, social media and the "3 Rs of school marketing": recruitment, retention and referrals. Randy is Dallas-Fort Worth's only Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. Randy and his wife, Kelly, have 4 children. The most unique thing about Randy is that he also spent 10 years as a missionary in French-speaking West Africa. Follow Randy on Twitter @schoolmktg