Nine Things To Do Now (Post CASE-NAIS)

Last week, I joined hundreds of fellow education marketers and fundraisers in Orlando for the annual CASE-NAIS conference. Even a few days removed, many of us likely have a head filled with ideas, questions, goals and, yes, complaints — but now we need to fill a To Do list with immediate actions. Below are a few recommendations.

  1. Tweet: If you don’t have a personal Twitter account, open one. If your school doesn’t have at least one official account, open one. If you have account(s), use them more. If you’re looking for guidance or want to connect with other CASE-NAIS tweeters, chirp to @joshloftin.
  2. Connect with a reporter: A reporter you can trust is incredibly valuable and finding them is easy. Many put emails at the bottom of their stories and most will have Twitter accounts.
  3. Cancel print ads: The thousands of dollars you will save could go to online ads or used to hire a part-time social media manager.
  4. Look at one new social media platform: Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. Google+. Tumblr. Snapchat. A news blog. Almost everyone has one or more platforms they haven’t figured out. Tackle that new one now.
  5. Watch great presentations: Begin to master the art of presenting and you will become invaluable as a communicator. Start with the framework of a TED talk, read Seth Godin’s advice, and watch Steve Jobs in action.
  6. Develop a presentation: Take the comedian approach: test it on the road. Host a seminar at public libraries, post it online, speak at regional conventions, and then shoot for the national conferences.
  7. Leave the computer: Once a week, go sit in a classroom and watch your teachers and students. [Tweet this](Tweet: Once a week, go sit in a classroom and watch your teachers and students.)
  8. Connect: If you liked a particular presentation, compliment the speaker, ask a follow-up question or even offer to collaborate. I have yet to meet a person at this conference who isn’t willing to share and aching to learn.
  9. (Bonus) Enroll in rewards programs: Hint: Use Evernote to track all of the member numbers and passwords.

Now it’s your turn: What will be (or has been) the first thing you do that was inspired by this conference? Share your own ideas in comments.

Josh Loftin

Senior Partner at Route 89 Communications

Josh Loftin oversees the marketing and communications for Wasatch Academy, a private college preparatory boarding school in central Utah. He also owns Route 89 Consulting, which assists small businesses, nonprofits and schools with long-range planning, marketing strategy and program development. Josh previously spent nearly 15 years as a political reporter in Utah.