Video created for students reaches much farther


The Head of School and Assistant Head of School at Durham Academy in NC had some fun with their announcement of a weather related school cancellation with this rendition of “Ice Ice Baby.”   It is unexpected, fun and consumable (read: short enough to watch from start to finish). It puts the personalities of the school leadership on display. It is school marketing gold, and a perfect example of social media extending the reach of the school.


This video delivered the message of the moment to current families, but it has done much more than that. As of this posting, the video has been viewed almost 600,000 times. In about 24 hours. The attention it has garnered (I came across it on Mashable) likely has put the school on the radar of some potential families and generated buzz and excitement in alums.


Lesson? Create and share.


Update 2/14/14: The video has been up for less than 48 hours, views are up to almost 2.6 million, and comments have topped 2,400, including:

YouTube comment





Yes, this is a certified win.

Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie

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