How to Increase Your Video’s Reach on Facebook

You’ve been told that YouTube is THE place to be for video content, right? It’s the 2nd largest search engine. It’s where everyone goes to watch videos. But where does Facebook video fit into your social media plan?


Facebook announced auto-play videos in the news feed in December, and the game changed. Now when you are scrolling through your feed, a video will start playing automatically. With one click, it expands to full size and enables the audio. This means users are seeing more video content.


However, this feature is currently limited to videos uploaded directly to Facebook. YouTube and Vimeo videos are still shown as link posts with a thumbnail of the video. The simple action of one click is now becoming a barrier to watching video while browsing through Facebook. And, as Marisa noted in last week’s post “Not All Facebook Posts Are Created Equal,” Facebook drastically limits the reach of link posts compared to photos, status and videos.

Uploading Video Directly to Facebook Increases Reach and Engagement

This week I decided to upload a video to our Facebook page instead of linking to it on Vimeo. It was a really cute, fun, one-minute video made by one of our junior kindergarten teachers, Molly Murphy. I thought it would be a big hit with our Facebook audience, and I wanted to reach a lot of people.


I was astounded to check the stats the next morning and find that, in less than 24 hours, that video’s reach had surpassed our momentous boys basketball state championship picture a few weeks earlier. Now, less than 48 hours after posting the video, it has reached 1,000 more Facebook users than the basketball championship.


Facebook video reach
The two posts are embedded below.




I’ll also note that our #2 video post, which was a YouTube link, garnered only half the reach as this video.


I’ve been converted to using Facebook video to share video content on that platform — until they start auto-playing YouTube and Vimeo videos, of course. While it is more work for me to track video stats on multiple platforms, what matters is that I’ve made it easy for the user to watch the video in the platform they want, when they want.

Cassie Dull

Assistant Director of Communications, Online at Park Tudor School

Cassie is the Assistant Director of Communications, Online at Park Tudor School in Indianapolis. She focuses on social media strategy, online marketing for advancement and admissions, website content, and parent communication.