Three Ways to Harness the Powers of Google Plus for Education

Nearing its third birthday, Google Plus isn’t the ghost town you might have claimed it was in the past. Today, there’s a lot of discussion about how marketers and brands can leverage Google Plus for success, but there are also several other niches that have much to gain on the social network. Education is a prime example of one of these niches. Here are three reasons why you should start using Google Plus for education regularly, if you aren’t already doing so.

1) Engage in valuable conversations

The platform provides a unique experience to connect with influential individuals and organizations. Several thought leaders have an active Google Plus presence, including Education Week, the U.S. Department of Education, and Khan Academy. Below is an example of a post from Education Week.


2) Community excellence

On Google Plus, you can leverage Communities to communicate with your peers. For example, there are plenty of excellent EdTech groups to join, including Technology in EducationEducational Technology, andTechnology & Innovation in Education. The beauty of Google Plus Communities is that you have the ability to interact with not just other individuals, but organizations and brands as well.


3) Hanging out with your peers – virtually

Google Hangouts via Google Plus take social networking to another level. Hosting a Hangout is an excellent way to build your social presence, and it’s easy to invite members of your network to participate. It’s also a great idea to grow your connections by joining other people’s Hangouts. Keep this link handy to stay on top of education Hangouts:


All in all, Google Plus should be a key part of your social media plans for 2014 – if you haven’t made it one already. With a growing user base and integration with other popular Google services such as Gmail and YouTube, arguments against the social network’s power are becoming harder to validate.

Mike Miles

Social Media Manager at SmartSign

Mike Miles is the Social Media Manager at SmartSign in New York City. Mike is a firm believer that social media can be harnessed to create a more educated and connected society.